Gold ring lost in 2018 at ludington mi. Found sept. 2019

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

Received a message from Greg Larabel   {who knew i didn’t live to far from ludington mi}   asking me if i would go to Ludington to look for a ladies lost ring.  Already searched for by another detectorist without success,  i figured i might be able to get enough info from this lady [Jeanie ]  to make a good guess as to where the ring might be.   Jeanie was quite sure the ring had flown off her finger while shaking her hand to remove some fibrous material .  She was facing  the house which was skirted with shrubs and ivy plants and was quite sure the ring was in there somewhere. After a while on hands and knees poking my pin pointer everywhere i stood up and stepped back to look things over again.   In a few seconds it dawned on me that if she was facing the house and snapped her wrist down to flick something off her hand the ring should not come off until her her hand was down or even behind her in the flick motion.  I put my back to the shrubs and started forward across the yard. Six to eight feet from the shrubs i hit a solid target. One little slice with my knife and there it was.  just one inch in the dirt under the grass.   One very happy lady and i felt pretty darn good myself.  Chalk another one up for The Ring finders ,  See you on the book of smiles Jeanie.

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  1. gregg larabel says:

    Nice find Chuck, I knew you could do it.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I lost my wedding ring at the Ludington State Park today. We were at the small beach area by the Hamlin Lake beach right by the concessions/bathroom building but closer down by the water and then after that went to the State Park beach just a little south of the Bath House closer down by the outlet and dog beach area. At this point I’m not sure if I lost it in the sand or water. I’m guessing sand. I’ve had my wedding ring for 25 years and I’m heartbroken. Do you work in this area? If so, what do you charge?

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