Lost wedding ring set at Manistee state park and recreation area on lake Michigan

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

Yesterday Jess from Grand Rapids called me for help in finding her wedding ring set.  While camping at the state park below Manistee on lake mi. Jess and husband Casey decided to enjoy  some time relaxing in and out of the water.  Not wanting to lose her rings  Jess put them in the cup holder of her chair.  [ this i have learned from several calls now is a common practice for the ladies ]   After sitting on shore they decided to move to the water.  Being a good hubby,  Casey carried the chairs not only once but to two different locations in the surf.   I wasn’t clear on when Jess noticed the rings were missing but im sure there was instant panic in the air.  So meeting them both there around noon today we hiked to the area of the mishap.  Surprisingly they both had a very good idea where the rings might be.  Not more than 15 minutes in the water i found the first ring. Already the surf had buried it roughly 14 inches under the sand.  Casey came out really excited and confirmed that it was one of the rings.  Back at it for maybe 20 minutes more and another hit at almost waist deep water. This time only about 6 inches under the sand i came up with the wedding band.  I smiled and held it up and i thought Casey was going to run me over as he came charging out into the lake with disbelief in his eyes.  Ive never seen the husband so excited and over joyed on any of my recoveries before.  Jess had wide eyes but never once lost her composure.   In asking her about that she said she had excepted that she might never see them again.  As the minutes rolled by and the reality set in she became more talkative and excited to have back what she had thought she would never see again.  A really terrific young couple so full of life,  i feel lucky to have met them both.  It pleases me to have been able to give them a happy ending to there camping trip.  May your future bring you nothing but good fortune and happiness.   Chuck  TRF