Lost Ring One Year Ago In Higgins Lake, Roscommon Mi. "FOUND"

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

This story starts with a twist from the last one.  A few days ago i recovered two rings for Jess  the wife of  Casey Jones,  Anchorman for woodtv which covers a very large portion of Michigan and with the internet, The world.  Grateful to the ring finders Casey aired the details of the whole episode and asked if he could film my next search. Happily i said yes.  Today’s story starts here.  Yesterday i received a call from Ron W asking me if i could come to Higgins lake to find  his wedding ring which was lost a year ago.  I asked him if he minded if i brought two fellow Ring Finders,  Greg Laribel + Dave THE MAGNET Boyer both from Grand Rapids Mi.  Also the woodtv  camera crew headed up by Casey.  Its a go.  2 1/2 hrs. from Reed City our meeting spot we reached Rons home on the lake. Search area was the frontage of three cottages out to chest deep water. Large area.  Around an hr. or more later Dave smiled and gave the thumbs up and walked away from his scoop and grabbed mine.  I walked over to his scoop, detected close to it then picked it up, swished  the sand away and there was the slightly tarnished gold band.  Now you know why i call Dave Boyer the MAGNET.  Gold seems to be attracted to his scoop.  I held the ring up to show Ron and a big smile came out bright as the sun.  Rons wife saw what was going on and came out on the dock exclaiming  I don’t believe it as she hugged Ron.  All this caught on camera by the pros from woodtv. I’m told this will air within two weeks at 5 to 7 am channel 8 Grand Rapids mi. and surrounding areas and everywhere on woodtv’s face book page.  Watch now so you don’t miss it when it airs.   In closing i want to thank Greg and Dave for helping me on this hunt and a thank you to Casey and Mike, Anchorman and cameraman. And last but not least,  Ron and his wife for calling Ring Finders to give us a chance to make today a very happy one for them.   Chuck TRF     {I love what we do}

3 Replies to “Lost Ring One Year Ago In Higgins Lake, Roscommon Mi. “FOUND””

  1. gregg larabel says:

    Chuck thanks for the invite. It was fun and loved seeing Ron and his wife hug and kiss in their excitement of the ring back on his hand.

  2. Clare Winslow says:

    Great job!

    Calls are definatly picking up. I had 3 last week.

  3. Beth Wilcox says:

    Hi Chuck! Thanks again for finding Ron’s ring! It was actually over 2 years ago that the ring was lost. I thought it was a goner. Ron had faith that he would find it. It was incredible that you guys came out to help us. I wanted to be optimistic but I was confident your efforts would be in vain. I could not believe it when you guys waved me down to the end of the dock to tell me the ring had been found! I am still stunned! What a great story we have to tell. And we owe it all to you and your fellow RingFinders.

    With great appreciation and admiration,

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