One hour drive. Two hours daylight to search.

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

Last night, 7/12/19 about 7pm i received an e mail from Diana asking for help to find 2 lost rings.  Her platinum diamond wedding ring and her 30th anniversary high ridge with several stones gold ring.  fearing someone else might stumble upon these and seeing no one around to claim them just amble on thinking lucky day for them.  I quickly drove the 60 miles and met with Diana at the state campgrounds near Manistee mi.  In a matter of minutes we were across the dunes where she had been sitting .She explained the rings were in the cup holder of he chair when she folded it up and walked back to her car. Noticing them gone within 15   minutes of leaving the beach area she was back and someone was already sitting where she had been.  This person declared he had not seen any and helped her look for a bit. I started my search and within a few feet of where she had been sitting i found the wedding band.  Two more hours of searching right into dark the short trail and the area she was sitting produced only shards of burnt aluminum and a couple coins. Diana was so happy when i found the wedding ring, still it was a bitter sweet evening.  Just like any ring you try so hard to find for people its heart breaking for us as ring finders to have to say i cannot find your ring. I left Diana with as much advice as i could on how to advertise her loss and the hope someone who has or does find this ring will come forward.  i am continuing the search by posting on face book ad craigslist asking if anyone at that beach that day had found or heard of anyone finding the ring and leaving Diana’ s info if so.  Sorry,  I didn’t have the heart to ask her to remove the ring yet again for a pic of it.

Chuck Raison TRF


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  1. Diana says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity-and thorough search!! I’m blessed to have found you and that you showed such an interest in helping a stranger! You and Bob went above and beyond looking for the second ring for several hours AND returned another day to expand the search. I’m ever so grateful to have my wedding ring back.

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