Lake George gives up the gold.

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

On July 22th i received an email from Rhonda asking for help.  Over the weekend she had lost her wedding ring while swimming at a friends cottage at lk George in mi.  Her husband agreed to meet me there early the 24th.  The bottom there was sand then low to high thick grass and silt, to all silt and leaves. The farther out i dove the deeper the silt.  After a couple hrs of dive time i had pull tabs, several lures,  sinkers, forcepts and other pieces of junk metal.  No ring.  I told Ron (husband) we needed to get Ronda there to show where she was swimming exactly.  We all met there today the 27th for dive number 2.   I think i was under for an  hr maybe 2 and had to come up and empty the junk from my pouch again.  all the usual junk you find at the bottom of lakes.  Talked a minute and headed back under to make a few more passes.  On the second pass i got a good tone so stopped to feel in the silt and weeds.  the visibility was zero do to stirring up so much silt.  Finally i felt something round in my hand and when i saw the shine i new i had it.  When i got back to the dock i told Ron that if i dove any longer i would just be wasting my time.  Trying hard to keep a straight face i said i just need to unload this junk in my bag.  Ron started talking and agreeing with me about wasting time as i put the ring on the dock. Still talking he took a double take then turned to Rhonda and said COME HERE!! She stood up, saw the ring and tears of joy or should i say Rhonda started pouring out.  Life is good.  I LOVE MY JOB.  Chuck R   TRF

3 Replies to “Lake George gives up the gold.”

  1. gregg larabel says:

    Chunk, you didn’t need me or another diver. You are the MAN.

  2. Mike McInroe says:

    Those kinds of conditions are very hard and congrats on sticking with it and for finding it in all the silt and muck! What a relief and joy you brought into their lives. Very nice!!

  3. Rhonda B says:

    Chuck is AWESOME. The ring was my mother’s wedding ring with my husband’s addition of a 25th anniversary band. I truly thought I would never see the ring again. I was devastated. I google searched “LOST MY RING IN A LAKE” and Ring Finders came up. I decided that was my only chance at ever seeing the ring again. Thanks to Chuck’s skill and perseverance, I have my ring back. He is very professional, kind and tenacious. Without him, I’m sure my family heirloom would be buried treasure. Can’t praise him enough!

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