Big Star Lake Gives Up Gold.

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

On 6/28/18   I received a call from young wife Brianna that her husband Lee had lost his wedding ring in Big Star Lk. in Baldwin Mi.   Renting a cottage for their vacation they had one day left before going home.    We agreed i would meet them the next morning and start the search.   The search area was 4 to 5 ft. deep and roughly 25×25 ft square.  Piece of cake right?   Well,  after walking a grid from two directions i had 3 lures, several sinkers a pull tab and a bottle cap.  I also scooped a couple pennies.  I did hit another penny that i was sure was a zinc so i just kept passing it up.  A little frustrated i went back to the zinc thinking it was possible it was masking the rings signal.   One scoop and bingo,  there was the ring in the scoop with the penny.   A good friend and fellow ring finder ( Dave Boyer)  started out with a saying which became his handle on the friendly forum has it right.  DIG IT ALL.  Thanks Dave.   This day ends with another happy camper and a post for the book of smiles.  Good hunting to all and wishing Brianna and Lee a long and happy life.   Sincerely,  Chuck Raison

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  1. Brianna says:

    Chuck is awesome!!! Thank you so much for finding Lee’s ring!!

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