Built in radar.

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

Hey everyone.        Sunday last i received a call from Tim who with his family was up at silver lake from Ohio on vacation.     While out in the water the day before,  Tim’s older son was feeling his oats and figured he could take the old man down.     A strapping young man he is but short on one end next to the mountain that is dad.    During the playful scuffle Tim”s platnum wedding band did a double loop high dive and came to rest somewhere in the sand two and a half feet deep in the water.     They searched but to no avail.      With his anniversary coming up in a few days and his wife becoming very worried they would never see it again, it was time to seek help.    ENTER  RING FINDERS.    It was an hour and thirty five minute drive from where i was on holiday with my family so i loaded what i needed and the wife and i we’re off.     Once there i met Tim and he took me to where he was pretty sure the ring would be.   Forgetting my scoop i asked Tim’s son to go to the van and get it  for me while i searched.    Being stormy that day i also offered to let Tim use my spare ATpro with hopes of covering more water in less time.    He headed in to retrieve it from my van and i began the search.   Before he reached shore he turned to look back and noticed i was standing still just looking toward him.    I shouted that i had a very good signal and could be his ring.    He and his son returned and with the scoop,   on the second try,  there was the ring in the bottom.     I need to mention that Tim had pointed out two buoys,   one west and one north and guided me to where he was sure the ring took it’s plunge.    The ring was within 10 feet of where Tim and i started the search.    Almost waist deep water,    i was in and out with the ring before my legs got wet.  lol     Now that’s built in GPS with a side of RADAR.     It was sure my pleasure to tell Tim’s wife Happy anniversary as Tim held up the ring to show her.    I trust the rest of their stay in Michigan was a happy time.    Chuck Raison  TRF