wedding/engagement ring found on hwy 127

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

Aug 11th i received an email from Jennifer regarding her lost wedding ring which she lost out the window at 60 miles an hour the evening before.    Jennifer and husband Felix we’re able to narrow the search down to about a quarter mile.   After searching for about an hour and a half the couple drove off to get some bottled water.  As they drove past the search area Jennifer recognized the area past a guard rail 100 yds. past where we we’re searching.  She stated she saw the ring bounce off the pavement in one large hop and land into the high grass about 4 ft. off the from the road.    Felix also remembered backing up to the guard rail to try to find it on their own when the lose occurred.   Within minutes of searching the new area i picked up a tone that was crisp and clear.  I parted the grass after pinpointing the item and there it was looking up at me as if it was on display in a store show case.   When i produced the ring to Jennifer,  all the pent up emotions from the fear of never seeing the ring again came pouring out.    You could see the compounded hours of tension and stress just melt away.   Although Jennifer was a bit camera shy after the ordeal    she offered her hand with the ring on it for photographing.   I was very happy for them that i was able to return the ring.  It was my pleasure to meet such a wonderful couple and i won’t soon forget how they seem to compliment each other.    Chuck R   TRF