• from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

This is embarrassing.  On July 24th i answered a call from a young lady in Syracuse Ind.   While vacationing at big bass lake near Irons Mi.     Her husband lost his wedding band while tossing a football around on a sandbar out in the lake.    I headed out there the same day and detected the whole bar in four hrs. and no ring.    As i was about to give up for the day, figuring i would hit it again the next day.     I thought the only place i didn’t cover was the 6ft x 14 ft area under my boat.     I gave it a shove sideways and started to detect.   ” THERE IT WAS”  under the boat between anchors the whole time.     I was planning a week long trip to Adrian mi. then on to my daughters in Ind.    It turns out the couple lives about 30 miles from the town my daughter lives in.  Ring returned, and i was able to save them a couple hundred miles each way.   Now the embarrassing part.  My apologies to this young couple but i did not follow my own rule.  Say the persons name back to them when we meet so i will remember.    I can only tell you this,  they are a very nice couple and it was my pleasure to meet  and have a conversation with them.  It would please me to cross paths again some day.     Chuck   Raison  TRF