• from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

After receiving a voice mail this morning from Cristianna,  i drove to Pratt lk. near Gladwin mi.   The mission was to find her wedding band  “And His”  i couldn’t wait to hear the story.  Austin was in roughly five foot of water when he reached to catch a football.   at that moment his wedding band flew off his finger somewhere behind him. Not wanting to move from the spot he called for someone to bring him the goggles.    His plan was to go under and find the ring.   Cristianna suggested that he stay where he was and she would look for the ring.  Before going under water she told Austin to take her ring. (not wanting to lose it to )  Somewhere between taking it off and the hand off to Austin ” DRUM ROLE ”  That’s right,  her wedding band was now also at the bottom of the lake.   The search is on.    After maybe 20 minutes i scooped a nice tone.  There was Cristianna’s  band in the scoop.  One down and i started after the other.   This one was playing hard to get.    Austin told me he was out maybe fifteen feet farther than where i found the first ring.    Still i couldn’t find the ring.     Thinking the ring may have went farther out with the force of the reach for the football,   i went about fifteen feet past where Austin said he was standing.  Six inches of mud out there but fewer targets.  The first target i dug was an old shot shell.   The second target was the ring.   Now everyone is happy and able to finish the fourth of July weekend with the smiles you see in the pics.   Two terrific people.   I am so happy i was able to make there day.    Chuck TRF,   I love what i do!         Ps,   These rings we’re within 40 feet of where the ring was found in the post,  HIGH WATER DAVE  earlier this year.