Wedding band lost in Big Bass lk.

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)
A couple weeks ago Dan was going out in his kayac on Big Bass Lk. near Irons mi.    Just feet from the dock his ring slipped off and into the murky water.    He tried for a couple days to scoop the ring from the bottom with no success.    Thinking it was lost forever he turned to the internet and found   “THE RING FINDERS”   This led him to me.    We made plans to meet on Monday the 24th so i could look for the ring.  Dan said the ring was in 4 to 5 ft. water so no diving gear needed.    As he pointed out where he felt the ring had dropped in i entered the water.    Waist deep a penny.    Next hit was  52/53 on the the screen and sounded good.    Dan,  I think i have your ring.    I brought the scoop up and right on top of the scoop full of sand was his ring.    Dan’s eyes we’re wide with excitement.   As the sand filtered out of the scoop the ring dropped to the bottom of the scoop.    I kinda chuckled as he asked,  WHERE DID IT GO!!  LOL.  I handed him his ring and he said i thought i’d never see it again.    At the car i readied to take pictures and Dan was already sending one to his wife.    Dan’s a great guy and i’m happy i could make his day.    The smile tells the rest.       I love my job!     Chuck  TRF.20161024_13004120161024_130032                     20161024_130041