Tipped the canoe and my rings gone to!!

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

20160922_13395720160925_124912On 9/20/2016 i received an email from Veronica who on labor day weekend lost her wedding ring while portaging around the weir in the Platte river near Honor mi.    As her husband Larry was getting back into the canoe it went over.   Poor innocent Veronica said her arms we’re flailing when trying to grasp anything and only finding air then water.  Good one Larry. (lol)   Noticing the ring missing about a mile or so down river they paddled hard back to the weir to look, with no luck.    Again the next day they drove to the weir to resume the  search,  and again no luck.    On the 22nd i drove to the Platte river hatchery and acquired permission from the DNR manager there to search the weir with my detector.     Thinking she lost the ring as they we’re going over,  Veronica’s thoughts we’re that it had flown into the high grass on the bank.    The fact that they went over in the water prompted me to search there first.    About 15 minutes into the hunt i hit a solid 60 on my ATpro and there it was.     Roughly 3 inches under the sand and gravel where i believe her hand drove into the bottom releasing the ring as she pulled her hand back.   We met today at a small cafe where Veronica was reunited with the thing dreams are made of,  her ring.    The best part of this story is  that my wife and i met two wonderful people that we never would have met if not for The Ring Finders.   I LOVE MY JOB !!          Chuck TRF

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  1. gregg larabel says:

    “portaging around the weir” wow that is a statement that I have never heard you say. Great job Chuck. You are truly a Ring Finder that is able to sniff out the toughest lost rings.

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