Platnum wedding ring found in Sanford lk. Sanford Mi.

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

An email on May 30th led me to Sanford Mi. on June 1st.  Taking caution to remove his ring before going skiing, Ryan went about having a great day in the sun.    Once back at the dock Ryan’s mom handed the ring from the boat to him on the dock.  well’  i think you know what happened next.   After looking in the dark mushy clay bottom lake for hours with no luck Ryan  contacted Ring Finders on line and decided to give me a shot at finding the ring.   I was on my way out of town but after talking to Ryan i decided to make the two hour trip and reunite the ring and it’s owner.   15 minutes in the water and we we’re both smiling when i scooped the ring from the clay under the edge of the dock.  what a great way to start the day. Chuck TRF20160602_091651IMG_0596(1)