Gold & Platnum Wedding Ring Lost Labor Day Weekend 2014, Found Labor Day Weekend 2015

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)
  1. 20150905_10412720150905_104109Roughly three weeks ago I received an email asking me to help find a wedding ring in Houghton lake in Mi.  This gold and platnum 1940s ring presented quite a challenge.  Besides the ring being lost for one year, there was also a gold bracelet lost there seven years earlier.      Trip one, i run a grid near the boat lift 80 to 100 yards out from shore.  Five hours and no luck.  Trip two, another long day finished the grid on everything from shore to chest deep water. Still no ring or bracelet.  Trip three, I was informed that Rodney had also swam into deep water  the day he lost the ring. so I brought my hookah and diving gear and another ring finder( Fred Johnson.)  After almost two hours under water in a skin suit i came up and out so cold it took an hour,  hot towels and hot coffee to warm me up enough to quit shaking and get color back to my face. Thank you again for the coffee and towels Cara.   Yes, again no ring or bracelet.  On the bottom the silt was just bad enough to hinder sight which made it hard to be sure I was covering everything.     Trip four.  Fred and I brought 100 ft. of rope and tied one end to the boat lift and the other end to me.    With each half circle I made, Fred would wind in four foot of line.   When I reached about 35 feet from the lift I got the perfect hit.  2 inches into the silt and there it was, the gold ring with a platnum band around the middle.  We we’re unable to find the bracelet but if the sand moves around this fall and coming spring, I will go back.  So happy we’re Rodney and Cara i received hugs from both.  Today was another great day to be a Ring Finder.       Chuck Raison TRF                                                                                                           LOST YOUR RING!  CALL ME ASAP AND I WILL DO MY BEST TO FIND WHAT YOU THOUGHT WAS LOST FOREVER.

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  1. John Volek says:

    Nicely Done!


  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Way to hang in there in less than ideal conditions.

  3. Chuck Raison says:


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