Lost two piece diamond wedding band found in Grand river, Eaton Rapids Mi. s Mi.

  • from Baldwin (Michigan, United States)

20150824_10080720150824_100814                                   I drove to Eaton Rapids Mi. yesterday. Taking along my diving gear and canoe, I expecting the ring to be in up to ten foot of water.  Luck being on my side, the river had gone down considerably since Candace had lost the ring.  After a twenty five minute trip down river we pulled up on the bank  and the hunt was on.  Fifteen minutes into the hunt Candace was reunited with her gorgeous ring.  The next hour and a half was a scenic canoe trip on down to the landing where we left the vehicles.  John, Candace’s husband  called me later to express his gratitude also.  Two wonderful people i am so happy i was able to reunite with the symbol of their happy their happy life together.


Lost your ring!!! Call me asap and I will do my best to find what you thought was gone forever.