Rings lost in sothern Oklahoma

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

On 22 March, Chad and Lyndsi went to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area near Sulphur, Oklahoma to spend a day off from work with their children.

Their nine year old son Stonie was wading in shallow water when his feet became stuck in thick black mud. He could not raise his feet from the mud so his mom Lyndsi went in the water to help him get unstuck and off came her wedding ring set, a white gold wedding band with diamonds and a white gold engagement ring with diamonds.

Chad tried finding the rings with a metal detector with no luck. That’s when he went on the internet and found The Ring Finders and called me. I live about a hundred miles away from Sulphur, Oklahoma but agreed to try and help.

The park is beautiful with clear cold water and lots of water falls. The ring was lost in one of the small streams and near the bank. Chad had pulled some of the mud out of the stream trying to find the ring with no success. I checked the mud on the bank and after a while found one of the rings but not the other one. It was time to get wet. After stepping in the water I found out real soon why Stonie got stuck. It became very difficult to move around as soon as I stepped into the water.After searching for over an hour I could not find the other ring. With Chad’s help I plan on going back and searching again for the other ring.

Note: metal detectors are not allowed in the Chickasaw National Recreation area. Permission for the search was obtained from park officials.