Platinum found in Oklahoma City

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

On December the 11th Larry’s wife Erin was playing with their twin girls in a park in Oklahoma City. Erin and the girls were playing in the leaves under a big tree, throwing the leaves in the air and on each other. Erin after a while realized her platinum engagement ring with solitaire diamond had slipped off of her finger. After searching for some time Larry decided they needed some help. Going on line they found The Ring Finders and then called me. I met Erin at the park and we went to look for the ring. After looking over the area I started up the metal detector and made a couple of sweeps and it didn’t take long to find the ring. Erin grabbed the ring and put it on her finger with a big smile on her face. Another beautiful ring found that they thought was lost forever. Sure like those smiles and hugs.

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