Chuck Abston, Author at The Ring Finders

Ring found in Choctaw, Oklahoma

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

In Choctaw, Oklahoma recently a man was out shoveling snow and lost his ring. His call was the day after he had purchased a cheap metal detector but could not figure out how to operate the thing very well. After I looked for over an hour and not being able to find the ring, I asked if he was wearing  gloves while shoveling the snow.he said he was. I looked inside the glove and sure enough there was the ring.

Big smiles.

Large ring lost in Moore,Ok

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

Received a call from Catrina who said her husband had lost his wedding ring in the back yard of the home they had just moved into. He was taking car keys from his pocket and the ring slipped off his finger and fell into the grass that is about three to four inches tall. They looked for several days and could not find it. In desperation Catrina went on line and found the Ring Finder site and called me.

After getting information on the description of the ring and where it was lost it was time to start the search. It only took a couple of minutes to find the large ring using professional equipment.

Catrina and her daughter Grace were sure happy that the ring was found

Rings lost in sothern Oklahoma

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

On 22 March, Chad and Lyndsi went to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area near Sulphur, Oklahoma to spend a day off from work with their children.

Their nine year old son Stonie was wading in shallow water when his feet became stuck in thick black mud. He could not raise his feet from the mud so his mom Lyndsi went in the water to help him get unstuck and off came her wedding ring set, a white gold wedding band with diamonds and a white gold engagement ring with diamonds.

Chad tried finding the rings with a metal detector with no luck. That’s when he went on the internet and found The Ring Finders and called me. I live about a hundred miles away from Sulphur, Oklahoma but agreed to try and help.

The park is beautiful with clear cold water and lots of water falls. The ring was lost in one of the small streams and near the bank. Chad had pulled some of the mud out of the stream trying to find the ring with no success. I checked the mud on the bank and after a while found one of the rings but not the other one. It was time to get wet. After stepping in the water I found out real soon why Stonie got stuck. It became very difficult to move around as soon as I stepped into the water.After searching for over an hour I could not find the other ring. With Chad’s help I plan on going back and searching again for the other ring.

Note: metal detectors are not allowed in the Chickasaw National Recreation area. Permission for the search was obtained from park officials.

Platinum found in Oklahoma City

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

On December the 11th Larry’s wife Erin was playing with their twin girls in a park in Oklahoma City. Erin and the girls were playing in the leaves under a big tree, throwing the leaves in the air and on each other. Erin after a while realized her platinum engagement ring with solitaire diamond had slipped off of her finger. After searching for some time Larry decided they needed some help. Going on line they found The Ring Finders and then called me. I met Erin at the park and we went to look for the ring. After looking over the area I started up the metal detector and made a couple of sweeps and it didn’t take long to find the ring. Erin grabbed the ring and put it on her finger with a big smile on her face. Another beautiful ring found that they thought was lost forever. Sure like those smiles and hugs.

Oklahoma City, Ok

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)


On November 23rd received a phone call from Steven. Steven said his wife Jennifer had lost her promise ring while cleaning out the leaves around a bush in a small flower garden near the front of the house. They had searched for several hours with no luck. Steven had thought about buying a metal detector, but went on the internet and found The Ringfinders  instead and called me. When I arrived there were sad faces all around. Jennifer showed me where she was removing the leaves from around a bush. I searched under, in and around the bush with no luck. So, I enlarged the search area and found the small beautiful ring about ten feet away. Steven and Jennifer were very happy that the ring had been found. It’s always good to see those big beautiful smiles.

Rings with no owners

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

Here is a photograph of some of the Rings that I have found over the years that I could not find the owners.

Ring and Apple out the window

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

Down called me and said she was travelling down the highway and decided to throw an apple core out the window. A large wedding band went out the window with it. They had looked for it and could not find the ring in the tall grass. It took awhile but I did find the ring. The ring had belonged to her mother. To say she was happy to get it back would be an understatement. Hugs all around.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Cooking oil and rings don’t mix

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I received a call from Sammy. She said her husband Alex had lost his wedding ring while cooking out on the patio.  Alex happen to get some oil on his hands. He flicked his hand down to remove the oil and off came the wedding band. Alex said he heard a ping when the ring hit the concrete and it was gone. After looking for about an hour I found the large wedding band along a wooden fence about 30 feet away from where he had lost it. It sure is nice to see the smiles on faces when you can help them.

Lost ring near interstate on ramp

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

Bryan called me and said that when he threw his gum out the window of his vehicle his ring went it. Bryan said he had lost a lot of weigh and the ring fit loosely on his finger. He was at an on ramp at I-44 and southwest 119th in  Oklahoma City. After about an hour I told him that I could not find the ring. He looked very disappointed. I than showed him my finger with the ring on it and asked if his ring looked like this? All he could do was hug me and say thanks. We had found the pretty white gold ring.

It’s nice to see the smile on folks faces when I show them the rings that they think they have lost forever.



Found beautiful Ring with Rubies and Diamond

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

Robert Wilder called me recently and said his wife had lost her beautiful ring. He said the ring had a large diamond surrounded with rubies.  After searching for some time I did find the ring in the grass.

Mr. Wilder called his wife out from the house and told her we had found the ring, she started to cry.

What a great day and he was right, it is a beautiful ring.