Lost Ring Gulf Shores Found....

  • from Gulf Shores (Alabama, United States)



John and Shannon were down on vacation here in the Gulf. John was having fun playing skip-ball with his kids, when he dove for the ball and a wave crashed into him and off went his ring. Now all Wedding Bands are special. This Band meant so much to them you see Shannon’s Father was the one who Married them and had since passed away. After hearing this I knew I had to find it. It was a late start and rough water and was getting dark quick, then I got that beautiful tone of gold in my headphones. the look of disbelief from John when I gave him the thumbs up made it that much more rewarding to me. Shannon’s smile when she heard the news could cut any darkness. I was so Happy to help them.

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  1. John Coonley says:

    Yes he was so happy to help us. And he did. Charlie’s steadfastness and earnestness to find our ring was second to none. We are so very thankful. And overwhelmed that he came to us where we were even on Father’s Day. Made this day very special and we will not forget it. Thank you so much again Charlie!!

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