Lost Ring Gulf Shores, Found!

  • from Gulf Shores (Alabama, United States)

Max and Kendel, were down for a fun weekend at the beach.They were having a blast fishing and pulling crab traps, when Kendel saw the worst thing possible happen. Her beautiful wedding ring got snagged on the crab trap line and was pulled right off her finger. They were both devastated. This happened at the end of a pier, where the water was high and murky.To make matters worse the clam shell bottom was full of trash, bottle tops, sinkers, pull tabs, broken crab traps just to name a few also the ring was in the water over a month.With the help of Max and five hours later, I found her beautiful ring and it’s back on her finger. The photo says it All.Love helping people find what they thought was lost forever.


2 Replies to “Lost Ring Gulf Shores, Found!”

  1. Max Edwards says:

    My wife has been literally dancing since you found her ring!!! We are so very fortunate for your dedication and willingness to retrieve the wedding ring that we share our vows with! Kendel and I will never forget and have given so many praises to you as we tell all our friends and family the unfortunate story of how we lost the ring and the hero that was able to give it back! Thank you so very much! You are amazing!!

    1. Charles Newlan says:

      What a rotten way to meet you both. But looking forward to do some detecting with Y’all soon. Take care my new friends.

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