Ring find!

from Manteo (North Carolina, United States)

This is unfortunately only half of the loss for this family. I was unable to locate the Engagement ring. I thought I had found the engagement ring, but you see I am a single male and don’t know these things and feel bad for saying I found the engagement ring when in fact it was the wedding band. I was contacted and asked to locate some lost rings that fell out of a chairs cup holder on the beach. With in the first hour I found this ring, but was unable to locate the other. I will check again and hope to find it and update if I do.


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  1. Guy Fuller says:

    Chandler Good job, now go find the other half. It has to be there unless someone found it already. I’ve hunted 4 to 5 hours before finding some lost items. Good Luck!

    1. Thank you Guy. I plan to head back out this evening and retrace my steps and start some new ones. When I got there someone was already detecting, using a Fisher F22. I asked if he found any rings and he said no. He was hunting right at the edge where the water hits the dry sand. I thought it was a strange place to stick to but it had a small little coil and wasn’t covering much ground. I find it strange though, I found this band in the same strip of sand he was hunting, and wonder if he found the other one and stuck to his course hoping to find more. It is a thick gold diamond ring apparently and shouldn’t have been far from the band. Some kids made a huge mound of sand a few feet from the ring I found and it might be at the bottom of that as well. planning to dig through that tonight.

  2. Alan Seeney says:

    Chandler great job! Here is a suggestion, if the beach where the rings were lost gets a regular cleaning by a beach cleaning rig line up on the location of the band that you did find and search 60-80 feet parallel to the water on each side of the recovery location. I had a similar recovery last year where I found the band in the area that it was lost but no engagement ring. I expanded my search and found the engagement ring about 80 feet from the recovery of the band. The beach cleaning equipment had carried it that far away from where it had been lost. Good Luck!

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