How to find a lost ring, jewelry, or keys on the Outer Banks of NC. OBX. Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Duck, Southern Shores, Manteo.

from Manteo (North Carolina, United States)

If you are vacationing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and have lost your keys, wallet, cell phone, ring, watch, or lucky silver dollar, please give me a call and I will try to make my self available to help you out. If I am not able at the time I will try to get to your location as soon as possible.

A part of the hobby of metal detecting is enjoying the beautiful landscape that surrounds you. We go where people go or have been, to search for lost items of value, and interest. Often times all that is found is junk, junk, and more junk. The litter of the past. But sometimes that junk can be a clue to the past events that an area held. Recently while detecting on a high school football field I pulled up about 8 beer can pull tabs in a row, all in the center of the field. The old Beaver tail type from days of old. I can see it now; a few high school friends up late the night before a big game, or right after the season was over, sharing some beers, and not having a single thought about some odd ball 30 years down the road picking up their trash. It was a moment spent in time shared between only the few who were there, and lost to the rest of the world. For the moment digging the pull tabs I was able to visualize and feel the moment as it took place. I hope that it was an enjoyable time for those folks, and that they are in good health to this day.

If you lost something you would like to find again, please contact me and we can work out an agreement to try and recover your possessions.


3 Replies to “How to find a lost ring, jewelry, or keys on the Outer Banks of NC. OBX. Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Duck, Southern Shores, Manteo.”

  1. Brittany Norris says:


    My husband lost his wedding band on May 31 along Nags Head Beach. I know it’s a long shot but you may find it. It’s a black tungsten wedding band with engraving.

    Please contact me if you need more information.

    Thank you,
    Brittany Norris

  2. Susan says:

    What do you do with rings you’ve found but no one has claimed? My husband lost his wedding band down by the water in Corolla in the summer of 2016. It has an etching that connects with the etching on my wedding band and it has an inscription.

  3. Heather Ballentine says:

    I am curious to about your findings. My husband lost his wedding band on July 4 2017 in the 4×4 section of outer banks. Like the previous question…. total long shot and would be a miracle if it was found but curious!! Please let me know!!

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