National Seashore Recovery

from Pensacola (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-850-607-0958

National Seashore does not permit the use of metal detectors.

Special Thank’s to Corps of Engineers Ranger Trent for working
with myself &, in allowing the recovery of
Jennifer’s wedding band this morning.

We met at the entrance to the the park as soon as they opened
the gates.In doing so I hoped to:
#1 beat the heat
#2 be there before sunbathers covered the area
#3 not draw attention to the search (metal detector)

But the couple ahead of us started setting up their umbrella in
the exact spot I needed to search.As soon as I told them our mission
they quickly moved their items aside.

She had placed her rings in her beach bag for safe keeping. But after
the day was over only the engagement ring was still in the bag.
All she could imagine was her wedding band may have been snagged by
her keys when she retrieved them from the bag.

She was spot on with the location & the search took less than 10 minutes.

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  1. Dane Allen says:

    Hi Carol – My name is Dane Allen and I live in Cantonment. I have been metal detecting for about three yrs now and have a Bounty Hunter Lone Star; so I am basically limited to dry sand. Earlier this week I ran into a man named Mike (I think) from Milton and in the course of the conversation, he mentioned a lady that had been metal detecting for a long time and that she located jewelry for individuals. When I searched the internet, I came up with your website and believe that you are the lady that he was talking about. I am basically trying to find a way to return some of the things that I have found to their owner. I was wondering if there were any Lost & Found type websites for items lost in the Pensacola Beach area. I haven’t found any precious metal items; but have found a large ladies watch that was basically a “Timex” type watch of my day. I found a unique multi chain necklace with several different pendants that I suspect has some sentimental value to the person that lost it; but I do not think that it has any material value. Not heavy, no markings and didn’t ring up as silver. I did find a large cell phone under a rain soaked beach towel and gave it to a Deputy who was able to contact the owner and get it back to them. I am basically looking for a place to check to see if the things I might find have been reported as lost so I can return the item to the owner. I’m not looking for places to search; although I would go look in that area just in case it had not been found by the time I went MD again. Thanks for any ideas that you may have as to where to check to see if any items that I might find may have been reported. My email addresses are and
    Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you. My cell phone number is 850-516-4071 and you can text or call me at that number.

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