Carol Schnabl, Author at The Ring Finders

National Seashore Recovery

from Pensacola (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-850-607-0958

National Seashore does not permit the use of metal detectors.

Special Thank’s to Corps of Engineers Ranger Trent for working
with myself &, in allowing the recovery of
Jennifer’s wedding band this morning.

We met at the entrance to the the park as soon as they opened
the gates.In doing so I hoped to:
#1 beat the heat
#2 be there before sunbathers covered the area
#3 not draw attention to the search (metal detector)

But the couple ahead of us started setting up their umbrella in
the exact spot I needed to search.As soon as I told them our mission
they quickly moved their items aside.

She had placed her rings in her beach bag for safe keeping. But after
the day was over only the engagement ring was still in the bag.
All she could imagine was her wedding band may have been snagged by
her keys when she retrieved them from the bag.

She was spot on with the location & the search took less than 10 minutes.