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Lost class ring, Clemson South Carolina- found

  • from Greenville (South Carolina, United States)

I was contacted by a gentleman who had recently graduated from a college in the upstate. The gentleman advised he was at a dock swimming and upon exiting the water his ring slipped off.  Gathering more information about the search it sounded like a very good possibility of recovery, so I committed to the dive.

I met the client at the dock, geared up, jumped in and found this visibility to be approximately 5 feet total, the depth to be 15 feet with a very silty bottom. I started hunting with my metal detector and with this being a public dock there were tremendous amounts of metal trash. What made the hunt more difficult was to the fact that as soon as I moved the silt on the bottom- trying to find the metal object- my visibility went to zero and stayed that way. I very meticulously , “blindly” searched for approximate one hour and 45 minutes with the detector, picking up every metal object, feeling it in my hands and placing the trash in my collection bag to get it out of the search area.

At the 1:45 hour mark I surfaced and spoke with the client about what he wanted to do. I was down to 700 psi in my tank and 15 minutes left of a contracted two hour timeframe. We decided to give it one more shot…. I submerged, landed on the bottom, my metal detector signaled, I picked up the object and felt it…. Lo-and-Behold; there was the ring!! I surfaced, gave the client the ring and he was overjoyed!

Its always very satisfying being able to return a lost item to someone, especially working in conditions that are extremely difficult to search.



Lost engagement ring found Spartanburg South Carolina

  • from Greenville (South Carolina, United States)

I was contacted by a woman who stated she lost her engagement ring eight years ago. She said her dog ate the ring and then “processed it” out somewhere into the backyard, unknown exactly where. She and her husband have searched diligently over the years only to find frustration. The couple is moving soon and they wanted one last attempt to locate the ring before giving up.

The woman stated the dogs do not have a specific location in the back yard that they always go to to use the bathroom. I was presented with a fenced backyard that was approximately 300’ x 600‘ with no exact location. She pointed out the most probable areas and I started there. I am a realist and I advised the woman that there was a very low chance of finding the ring but I will do my best.

After approximately an hour and a half and about 30+ holes dug, I came upon a very clear distinct “gold tone” signal. Digging it I found a piece of aluminum, I then rechecked my hole and found the ring.

The woman and her husband were extremely happy. It truly is great to be able to help someone and locate something so important.


Lost engagement ring

The ring

The ring

Ring location in red

Lost Gold ring, Greenville South Carolina

  • from Greenville (South Carolina, United States)

The ring in location and recovered.

A gentleman living in the upstate of South Carolina lost his fathers wedding ring; this ring was inherited upon his fathers passing. The gold ring was going to be given to the gentlemen’s son one day, but unfortunately the ring slipped off his finger, somewhere in the yard.

The client contacted me and we arranged a time I could come search the yard. The area being searched was maintained grass and woods. The time searched was approximately one hour. The ring was located at the edge of the grass almost under a shrubbery. Approximately half the yard and wooded area had been searched during that hour.

The client was very happy and promised to spread the good word about The Ring Finders and our services.