Lost Wedding Ring Front Yard Work Westminster Colorado

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Jim was working in the front yard. Doing a little spring time front yard clean up. After a couple hours of hauling trash bags of branches and debris to the back yard Jim notices his wedding ring is missing.

Jim contacted Ring Finders after searching for hours and not finding the ring.  I stopped by and found the ring in his front yard along the sidewalk in the mulch. Tenacious Treasure Tracker saves the day.

“I am overjoyed at the fact that Brian Henry was able to find my wedding band so quickly. Like many, I was doing yard work last weekend and my ring was lost. I searched through bags and bags of trimmings, weeds, leaves, etc… I crawled around my yard multiple times looking somewhat foolish each day since. No luck. I called Brian via ringfinders website. He came by my house on schedule and less than 15 min later was knocking on my door having found the ring! Thank you- you are highly recommended!!!” ~Jim