Back Yard Ring Recovery Thornton Colorado

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Spring Time Back Yard Clean-Up Casualty

Spring time in Thornton Colorado brought Mario out back to clean up his back yard.  Raking rubbish and pulling weeds left big pot holes in his yard. While filling the pot holes and tossing weeds across the yard caused his White Gold Wedding Band to go flying across the yard.

After noticing his wedding ring was missing Mario and his girl friend spent several hours searching the back yard. Even raking the whole area with a weasel rake in the hopes of turning up the ring. After a couple days searching they gave up and gave ring finders a call. The weather wasn’t cooperating with us but Monday we finally had a break between storms. Armed with the XP Deus metal detector Mario showed me all the possible pot hole spots that he couldn’t rake out his wedding ring. A quick search and on the third hole we struck gold! Another recovery with the Tenacious Treasure Tracker.