Broomfield Commons Ring Found

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Matt is a Ultimate Frisbee player in the Broomfield and Boulder area of north Denver. Matt brought is “A”  game that day, played hard until he noticed his wedding ring was missing. So now he is looking down in the grass the rest of the day trying to find his ring. After having both teams line up and walk across the field, they all came up empty handed.  His wife left him on the field looking as she went off to do an internet search for some much needed help finding their wedding ring. Thankfully I was close to the field and met Matt on the field that afternoon.

We searched till dark but the field is part of a huge complex of football fields so it’s a very large area to search.  After we both spent the next day at work we resumed the search. This time I brought another detector so Matt could join the search. Lined myself up with the grid line from the day before to continue the search and half way down the field I received a good signal.  Waved my hand in the grass and there was the ring.

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