Lost Pendant Found In Boulder CO With Metal Detector

  • from Aurora (Colorado, United States)

Received an early phone call today Thursday October 16th 2014.  Kate, a young lady visiting Boulder from England, had been at the park walking the dog when she stopped to toss the ball around.  The next thing Kate noticed was that her necklace was falling off and the pendant was missing.  Her heart sank as she frantically started searching for it in the deep grass.  After the morning search came up empty handed she decide she needed help.  We scheduled to meet at the park at 5:30 to start a new search with the metal detector.  After about 40 minutes searching the sun was almost down and Kate was getting chilled so I sent her home to warm up as I continued the search.  About 30 minutes later and in the dark I sent a text message to Kate with a photo of a pendant with the statement “Is this the pendant that you lost?”  Within a second my phone rang, “You found It?”

Another great find by the Tenacious Treasure Tracker.


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3 Replies to “Lost Pendant Found In Boulder CO With Metal Detector”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Brian! Nice recovery!

  2. Brian Henry says:

    Thanks Gentlemen.

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