Engagement Ring Lost (and then found) on Wedding Day!

  • from Palm Beach (Florida, United States)

I got a frantic call yesterday.  A man described how his wife had lost her $12,000 Tiffany engagement ring on the beach!  The couple had just been married hours earlier  He was so distraught he said he can’t even go look for it he is sick to his stomach.  I told him I would be right over.  I arrived at the Indian River Resort on Hutchinson Island, Florida.  There was an entire wedding party there, with the bride in a bikini and a coverup, a really cool Florida beach wedding.  They had the area marked off.  Apparently the bride removed her engagement ring to show the sister in-law, and the sister in-law dropped it, it hit a cooler and bounced into the sand.  Even if you know the approximate area a ring is in the sand, finding it with your hands by sifting is almost impossible in the fine Florida sand.  I got to work and found the ring in less than 10 minutes.  Everyone was extremely happy and the day was saved!



2 Replies to “Engagement Ring Lost (and then found) on Wedding Day!”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Yes its amazing how quickly the ring can hide in that sand,,, I’m glad they called you and I’m sure they are too!

  2. brett says:

    Love the beach ones…even more with the wedding in full swing… it will become part of their life memories now

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