Dentures found and a vacation saved!

  • from Palm Beach (Florida, United States)

As a Ring Finder, I get some unusual requests for lost items.  Last week I got a request from a young lady who’s mother had lost her dentures.  She was at the back bar, on the beach, at a very nice resort in Palm Beach.  She had fainted and when she came to, she was missing her teeth!

Before I had arrived, the staff had used many tools such as shovels and rakes to sift through and move sand about.  I was a bit concerned because this can actually make the recovery a bit more difficult.

It took a few hours of digging, because this particular area of the beach was a high traffic area located right next to a staircase, a bar and a trash can.  Trash can mask targets, so I first started by eliminating all objects I could.  Dentures have a bit of metal in them, they are connected by thin metal wires.  This does not register as the strongest signal, but it is definitely detectable.

After getting the area cleaned out, I got a hit and dug out the dentures!  The owner was very happy to be reunited with her teeth, as she was on vacation and it would have certainly been a spoiled time if she had to continue without them.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Brain! Way to save the holiday!! Great recovery!

  2. Matthew Fry says:


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