Brad Newberry, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost Ring Found in Bay Lake, Ontario

from Huntsville (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-705-706-5883

Last weekend we had a call from a gentleman who had lost his tungsten wedding ring at the cottage near his dock. He had been searching on and off for approximately 3 years. He was hoping to find the ring and put an end his search. We arrived set up our scuba gear, set up a grid, and  began the search.  After searching the fist portion of the grid, I had found a watch and a toy car wheel. I continued the search and at the very end of the second grid, I heard a strong target sound on the metal detector. I reached down into the leaves and sand and pulled out the ring. I brought it to shore and sure enough it was his ring. He was very happy to get the ring back after three long years of searching.