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Recent Trip to Mexico


Brrrrrr…It’s Cold out there!!!

That why I went to Mexico for a week, I have been going down to the Caribbean quite often lately…..Mexico happens to be one of my favorite spots to get away from the Cold!!
Hey..Mexico has beaches right???…Beaches have tourists…RIGHT?? …It continues to amaze me what people will wear to the beach to “Show off” ….So on the night before departing Baltimore, i decided to pack my my Fisher F75 and hit the beaches for a few hours as the sun went down.

The result? a sandwich sized bag full of Mexican Silver….This beach was never hit, or so it seemed. I found enough “10 Peso” coins to buy a nice dinner for 2 on the way back home to boot!!

The point of this story is….I go to Mexico quite often, I know the beaches..and resorts fairly well. If you happened to have lost something while vacationing, CALL ME!!! …If you lost it in the sand, there is a good chance that its STILL THERE!!! You just need to reach out to me and Ill give it my best shot at finding it for you…..It sure beats that feeling of “Well, Honey, your diamond engagement ring is gone..and we’ll never find it”
“Try me….you never know untill we try”

Now back home, I will go out the weekend to Virginia to do some digging with my nephew on some newly acquired land to locate some lost Civil War relics that have been in the ground for nearly 150 years…Ahh I love diggin in the dirt!

Cheers for now…

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