Gold Wedding Ring found in Jenkintown Pa.

  • from Villas (New Jersey, United States)

I received a email from Deborah on Sunday. Deborah stated that she was out gardening on Friday and lost her gold wedding ring. I contacted her on Monday and we decided that I would come over Monday afternoon after I finished work. I arrived at Deborah home at 3:30 pm. Deborah showed me around the property and told me that she was not sure where and when she lost the ring. Deborah had been working in the front and rear yard of the property. Deborah’s home backs up to the mass transit tracks and with the overhead wires and it made my search very difficult with all the electrical interference. 5 minutes into my hunt it started to rain and after 20 minutes we decided that I would come back the next day and try again. I arrived Tuesday afternoon. and began my search. Deborah had been working in her flower beds and had spread large amounts of straw in the beds. after about 30 minutes i heard a slight tone as i passed my detector over the flower bed in the rear. The straw was about 4 inches thick.. I removed the straw and bingo there was Deborah s ring laying there in the dirt. I knocked on the Door was when Deborah saw her ring she was ecstatic. It’s times like this that make this hobby of mine all worth wringhile. ring1ring2

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice recovery Bob! Sounds like it was a tough search due to all the electrical interference. I know how hard that can be…Way to stick with it and find that lovely smile!

  2. Bob, Good persistence. EMI is terrible to deal with! I wish you continued success.

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