Lost Rings at Janetville Ontario !! Found !!

from Peterborough (Ontario, Canada)

I received a call from Steph from Janetville Ontario. Steph and her husband had lost three rings in their back yard, her diamond engagement ring and two wedding bands. We made arrangements and I drove to her house where her husband met me and gave me a description of the rings and about where they had lost them. There was about a foot of snow in the area where the rings were lost and it was extremely cold out. I located Stephs diamond engagement ring within the first five minutes of looking. They were excited when I found it as it was the ring they wanted found the most.
I continued to search the yard where the one wedding ring was thought to be lost and found it about twenty-five minutes later. They where thrilled and said the last ring was not important as we could not locate it so we wrapped up the search.
Steph and her husband were very pleased that I was able to find the rings that mattered the most. It was Great to find the Rings for them!

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