Lost Wedding Ring Found!

from Peterborough (Ontario, Canada)

I recieved a phone call from George explaining that he had lost his platinum wedding ring two weeks ago and that he found my name on the Ringfinders directory. George told me that he had lost it on his property but thought he knew the general area of where. He asked if I could find it for him. I told George that I would do my best!!
We made arrangements for the search. When I arrived at the location George walked me through his footsteps of the day the ring was lost. There was a lot of signals. I checked them all as platinum comes up on the lower scale of my metal detector.
In the second hour of the search, I could see George was growing more concerned that I would not find his ring. I followed him to the different paths he took and searched each one. He told me of a certain area where he was swatting at bees in the air but it wasn’t there.
I then explained to George that I wanted to search other areas that I hadn’t previously searched but were in the general area of where we were before we moved to the bee swatting spot. He said that was fine! In five minutes of doing that I had a strong signal on my detector but it came up as a pull tab. Despite the reading, I probed the area with my pinpointer and plastic garden shovel.
I told George that I was done as I handed him his wedding ring. He was overjoyed when his lost ring was found as he said to me, “I thought it was lost forever”.
Both George and his wife were very grateful that I had found his ring.
It made me very happy to get his ring back for him!

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