Wedding Ring Lost At Silver Lake Ontario Cottage beach found

from Peterborough (Ontario, Canada)

Yesterday my wife received a phone call from Steven Miles, he had lost his wedding ring at the beach at his cottage in Silver Lake. He was hoping that I would be able to go and look for his ring this weekend, the next day if possible.
Today I drove to Silver lake beach, to look for Steven’s ring. Stephen was quite happy when we arrived at his cottage. He was explaining to me how much the ring meant to him, and that he was really hoping I could find it for him.
We walked out into the water, it was lost in about 5 feet of water. He had a pretty good idea about where he had lost his wedding ring. Within five minutes of me starting my search, I had a strong signal. I placed my scoop into the sand, started to dig and Steven said, ‘there’s my ring’. It took less than five minutes for me to find Steven’s ring. He was so excited, he couldn’t believe that I had found it so fast or that I had even found it. There were cheers from family members on the shore. Steven’s wife had tears she was so happy!!
Great feeling to find Steven’s wedding ring for him!!

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  1. Kara and Stephen says:

    We are very greatful for Bob Howe. He came out on Labor Day weekend on such short notice to find my husbands wedding ring. We realized it was a big trip for them and really appreciated how fast they acted on arranging a time for them to come up. The next day they were here and within five minutes of being in the water Bob found the ring. I was bawling and all the rest of our family were cheering on shore watching Bob work his magic. Great experience and wonderful ending to what could have been a sad story. Thank you to Bob and his wife Janet for being such incredible people and for helping us out SO MUCH. We definitely recommend Bob for anyone who has a lost ring. He’s a pro!

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