Ring Found after being lost For 31 Years at A Lindsay Ontario Cottage Beach

from Peterborough (Ontario, Canada)

I was on a Job trying to locate a Lost Ring for Thomas Kennedy at his family cottage when my first target was a man’s 10k gold Masons Ring. I asked Thomas’s parents and Thomas if they knew who had lost the ring. They did not at that time. When I located Thomas’s ring his father gave me the masons ring to take with me. Later that night I recieved a phone call from Bob, who was a family relative of Thomas.
After I had left Thomas’s family cottage, the family tried to figure out who the ring could possibly belong to. Bob told me that he had been water skiing at the cottage 31 years ago and had lost a gold masons ring which his father had given him. He told me he had bought two detectors over the years but to no avail was he able to locate it. He was so excited to get the ring back after so many years of being lost!
What a great feeling it was for me to be able to return to Bob his Father’s ring that had been lost so many years ago!!!

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