Lost Engineer's Ring, Lindsay Ontario Cottage Beach Found!!

from Peterborough (Ontario, Canada)

I received an email from Thomas Kennedy. He was upset after loosing an Engineers Ring! He and his father had matching rings and Thomas had lost his ring off his finger while treading water at their family cottage near Lindsay. I drove to their cottage and met Thomas and his Parents. Thomas explained to me that his ring had fallen off his finger while in the water. He had marked the general area with a fishing bobber.

I was in the water for little over an hour when I located his Lost Ring!! As I walked over to Thomas and his father I called out, ‘I think I have your Ring’!! As I handed him the ring it was the perfect match to his father’s. It was his ring, he and his father were very pleased to have the ring back! Thomas placed the ring back on his finger.

While I was there I found another Ring. The family didn’t recognize the ring or know who it would belong to so they handed it back to me. That ring is now a story. Please watch my page for that story!

It was a Great feeling to help Thomas find a ring that meant so much to him!

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  1. Hi Bob!

    I can attest how happy Thomas was to have his ring back. It’s called an Iron Ring. Originally they were made from a piece of iron pipe, cut to make a ring. They are to be worn on the working hand of the engineer to remind the engineer as they are working (or writing) about their obligations to society. The one you found was his father’s (which no longer fit him) and so when it was time for Thomas to get his iron ring, he bought one in the size his father needed and his father gave him his old ring at the official Iron Ring ceremony this past year. His grandfather, also an engineer, was more frugal when he lost his iron ring: he cut off a piece of iron pipe and polished it and that’s what he wears to this day (he’s 96 now). It’s all in the family because his uncle, cousin, and cousin’s wife are also engineers so everyone would have noticed the missing ring for sure!

    We’re waiting for the story of the next ring…lost 31 years ago and found by you before you found Thomas’. That ring was also a family ring, given from a father to a son who lost it. If I’d been in the family 31 years ago, I would have know about the story and told you right away. But it was Thomas’ aunt who knew immediately whose ring you’d found and called them to tell them.

    …Janet (Thomas’ mum)

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Wow, looking for an iron ring can’t be much fun, at least, not around my area. Good job!

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