Bill Rousseau, Author at The Ring Finders

Wedding ring lost at wedding.

  • from North Berwick (Maine, United States)

Julie called Sunday saying she lost her diamond wedding ring in the field where the ceremony was taking place. They had pretty much given up on ever seeing it again,  members of the wedding party searched for hours, using  rented metal detectors.  I met Julie’s mom at the site on Monday, we went over the layout and handing the mother my pin pointer and using a Fisher Z 20 found the ring in about 30 minutes. I love it when things end well.

Gold/ Sapphire wedding ring found at Qgunquit Beach

  • from North Berwick (Maine, United States)

Mark called saying he lost his wedding ring at the beach. Fortunately, he remembered the beach markers, between #3 and #4, and we found his ring in under an hour. It’s great when everything comes together.

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Platinum Wedding Ring Lost at the Beach

  • from North Berwick (Maine, United States)

DSC01838 (2)I received a call from Carl saying he lost his ring .  After getting the location  (  deep sand, Ocean beach) and answering a few questions on how he  lost it,  we were sure it was within a 100 sq ft area. He had searched the night before, then called me this morning. I got there around noon and using my Fisher CZ -20, found it within minutes. Carl and his wife were down from  Canada visiting his parents in Kennebunk Me. and leaving the day after he called.  I was glad I could help the young couple.DSC01840

Lost Rings at the Beach? It’s important to contact us as quickly as possible.

  • from North Berwick (Maine, United States)

beach 3 beach 2

Lost wedding ring while 4 wheeling in Southern Maine

  • from North Berwick (Maine, United States)

Tim called and said he lost his wedding ring  somewhere along a 25 mile stretch of trail.

We narrowed it down to places where he could have lost it, he said he bogged down in a mud puddle about 10 miles in, we started there, a huge puddle about 50 ft long, he said his 4 wheeler stalled and he got off to pull start it, he didn’t notice his ring was missing until later that evening, so it was hit or miss .


We lucked out and within an hour we had a good hit that turned out to be his wedding ring  .


DSC01747 DSC01748



Engagement Ring Found in 2 hours

  • from North Berwick (Maine, United States)

Last month I was called to help find an engagement ring for a young couple, it was  further out than my usual covered area, but I was fine with that.

She lost it while weeding the garden with her mom,  discovered it missing late in the day, that meant a large area needed to be covered but after 2 hours I found the ring.

He was thrilled  and immediately called his fiancee at work telling her the good news.


DSC01613 DSC01612