Backyard Recovery

  • from Hilton Head Island (South Carolina, United States)

On Feb 6th I received a text from Ben stating he lost his wedding band in his backyard. Ben described how he was waving his hand at his dogs and he watched his ring fly off his hand into the ivy ground cover. Ben was very accurate about where he lost it, So I fired up the Deus2 and began my sweeps after a couple minutes of Ben directing, I got the signal. The ivy was thick and about 6″ deep and very viny, using my pin pointer i seen the glint of gold. The ring had actually worked its way down into the vines, needless to say Ben was relieved to have his ring back.

The house has history as Ben was telling me, his wife had lost her ring off the front porch a few years back and she found Ring Finders website and had a guy from my area, that is no longer with RF come out and recovered her ring.

Amazing recoveries made that day and in the past………………


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