Lost and found.......

  • from Hilton Head Island (South Carolina, United States)

I received a text from Dan around 10pm saying he lost his wedding band playing with his daughter in the small waves on the beach. Dan had his wife drop a GPS pin and sent me the info. I told Dan I would check the early morning low tide, I searched for a few hours and gave up when the tide had changed. Late afternoon, I came back and gave it another shot, Dan and family were playing at the waters edge and my back was to them as I worked the edge and then I heard it……the sound of gold……I dug it and knew from the description, it was Dans wedding band, I clutched it in my hand and walked back to Dan telling him I was pretty tired as I opened my hand in front of him……….His eyes widened with shock and realization his ring was not lost any longer……………a very good moment indeed. Dan shared the news with his wife and family, all very surprised and relieved knowing his ring was back where it belonged. I am very happy to have been able to find Dans ring and return it to him. Keep coming back for vacations knowing you are not leaving anything important behind.


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