See Sally Smile !!!

  • from Hilton Head Island (South Carolina, United States)

I received a call from Sally stating she just lost her ring (a ring handed down from her husband’s grandmother, no less…. YIKES) about an hour before and gave me excellent clues to where she lost it, within feet!!!! So, I was already planning on going out when the tide receded. The moon wasn’t out and the wind was blowing pretty good and the waves were crashing heavily, I started at the water edge but not in the dry sand, I gridded about 12 feet down as the tide receded with no luck and thought, it must have come off in the dry sand, so I went to where the wagon tracks (as described by Sally) and circled out from there, the all so familiar sound of a great target sounded off, as I scooped and sifted I could see the ring appear. A beautiful white gold solitaire diamond ring as described. It was a little late and knowing Sally had a little one, I waited till the next morning. Then I kind of tricked Sally the next morning by texting her and stating I needed help with the location, could she walk me out. We agreed to meet at 9am. When we met I asked Sally if she had a picture of the ring, she said somewhere in her phone as she began to look, I said,  Well wait here let’s take one now, as I handed Sally her ring, the realization on her face and then the emotion of having it back, after already accepting it could be lost forever and then the smile of knowing it wasn’t…………The moment all recoveries are about, that look of astonishment and pure happiness………..Vacation saved !!!!

Special thanks to Jim Wren N. Myrtle Beach for referring me. Somehow, Jim came up in the directory for Sally.

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