Labor Day Weekend Ring Recovery !!!

  • from Hilton Head Island (South Carolina, United States)

Labor day save…………

The right place and time to help answer a prayer. I was approached by Prasun Saha and his friend asking what I was looking for, my response a simple one, “Gold”, that was when their eyes lit up and they told me the story of the Prasuns lost ring while playing in the shallow waters.  With help from Prasun and his family & friends we narrowed the area down and withing 30 minutes we recovered his lost gold wedding band. Prasuns family & friends were amazed and very grateful for this recovery.

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  1. Prasun Saha says:

    Thank you Bill.
    You showed up in the beach yesterday like an angel to me. I feel so grateful.
    All the best and god bless to you !!

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