Lost Platinum Ring Playing Football on the Beach

  • from Hilton Head Island (South Carolina, United States)

After arriving to their condo on Monday, In the first twenty minutes on the beach Richard was playing football with his son, when he went to catch the football, the ball hit his finger and his ring went flying off. Fastforward a day later Tuesday around 4pm, I was hunting in a different area, and another detectorist mention a guy lost his platinum ring and he had looked with no luck, I didn’t think anything of it as I wasn’t sure of the location, all he said was a brief general area. Saturday came and I was detecting/hunting a normal area and decided to walk down to the general area I was told about, because I wasn’t finding any targets.  Needless to say, after a good 30-minute swinging walk, I found the ring, but I didn’t have any info how to find the owner. As fate kicks in….. A couple kids were playing on the beach and asked me if I found any rings (actually the 4th kid that asked in 50 minutes). Me bragging as  I like seeing their eyes light up when I say oh yeah, I found 2 rings, well this kid says my dad lost a silver looking ring, with a braid design, (The ring I just found).  I asked where his father was, and he said he was coming back to the beach, he was at the pool area, as I was getting his dads phone number he said, there’s my dad now, so he runs to his dad saying I had found some silver rings, I asked the gentleman to describe his ring, He said Platinum with a braid design, as they gathered around Richard, family and friends, I pull the ring out of my pocket and handed it to Richard, he was amazed, he had been searching each day since he lost it. The relief of having his wedding band back was priceless. Richard’s anniversary is 3 days away……Now he has even more reason to celebrate……………..


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