Happiness never wavers even when you lose a ring in the waves......

  • from Hilton Head Island (South Carolina, United States)

Brent & Hanane’s beach honeymoon getaway took an unexpected turn when playing in the waves resulted in Brents wedding band coming off, and sank into the sand at their feet. He lost his Ring but never lost his cool, his brides happiness couldn’t be ruined by his lost ring. Hunane however searched how much jewelry gets lost at the beach and how to recover, when she came across ringfinders after a little browsing she found me. ( A real life Treasure Hunter as Hanane called me…. 🙂  )  Hanane & Brent gave me a great idea of the area the ring came off, it didn’t take long (about 20 minutes) till I swung my coil over a good solid target I knew it was the ring. Two scoops of sand and in the scoop was the ring. Much to their surprise I texted them I had the ring and would be waiting on the beach. Hanane & Brents smiles were beyond joyful, the look of pure happiness knowing they would have Brents wedding band back where it belongs.


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