Lost, Now Found Beautiful Diamond Wedding Band

  • from Hilton Head Island (South Carolina, United States)

On trip that included a stopover for much needed rest and relaxation with her lady posse, while relaxing on the beach, on Tybee Island, Tammy inadvertently, lost her wedding band. Tammy and her lady friends showed me the general area of where they were the day before. I was anxious to hunt with the new Deus II for known gold. It took about 20-25 minutes until I heard that telltale sound and a VDI 51 on the D2. I scooped it gently as I was told there were many diamonds with a rather large one in the center. I looked in the scoop and behold, there it was. I looked up as the ladies were looking over and i had Tammy’s friend confirmed that it was the ring before presenting it, Tammy was pleased and relieved to say the least. Tammy’s smile said it all for me. I was absolutely so happy for Tammy; I could tell her heart was aching when she discovered she lost her 30-year-old ring. Smiles galore from Tammy and her good friend.

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