Ring Lost, Devastated Bride to Be, Reunited and It Feels So Good!!!

  • from Hilton Head Island (South Carolina, United States)

Abbie and future Husband to be Hunter, along with friends and family went for a walk, on Tybee Island.  About a good mile into their brisk walk in the chilly night air, Abbie realized her ring was gone. After searching until the early morning hours of 3-4am they had to rest. But again at 7am they were out looking to no avail. Devastation and exhaustion were setting in for Abbie, when they found Ringfinders and I received a call at 953am. I was on my way until I received a call from work, delaying my arrival until 400 pm.  Abbie was hopeful that along those sidewalks somewhere her ring laid waiting to be found. Hunter and I began to trace their path previous night’s path.  I must be honest, I thought the hope of finding it was slim, as it may have been picked up by someone walking those sidewalks. However, fate and luck know no bounds, along the way I found a copper penny heads up, I kept it in my hand until I seen a tree stump, and laid it inside and made a wish, said a little prayer and asked to please let me find this ring. About another hundred yards later across the street from a Methodist Church, there it laid in a small spot of open dirt with grass around it, like a little halo waiting to be picked up. Hunter was ecstatic with joy, we returned to their rental and Hunter presented his gift yet again to his bride to be, Abbie and Hunter were extremely thankful as were all of their friends and family inside sharing their joy of such a positive moment in their lives, to see their best friend/loved one reunited with her ring and beyond happy again. Abbies Father even reached out to me to thank me, a father happy for his little girl’s happiness.

May your happiness flourish throughout your lives and those you love and cherish. Congrats on your wedding in two weeks.

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