Bill Mead, Author at The Ring Finders

Recovered Wedding Band Tybee Island Young Couple

  • from Hilton Head Island (South Carolina, United States)

I received a text about 2:49 pm (however since my phone was still on silent from my Bosses birthday party I did not see it till I was about to go prospecting at 430pm when i checked my phone for some reasons and seen the text)  I responded at 4:40pm saying I will be there in about an hour . I arrived to meet a young man named  Andrew he stated he lost his ring in the shallow water rinsing his hands off as the tide was coming in and  much like so many others, his ring slipped off into a wave that just happened to come at the most inopportune time……..and gone it was. I began gridding to no avail,  so I went into beast hunting mode, and three swings later, bang I heard the telltale sign of  of a good signal, I knew it was the ring before I seen it , I looked up and smiled as I seen the glint of silver metal. I called Andrew and his beautiful new bride Alex of 1 1/2 weeks over to hand him his ring back. They were overjoyed and astonished at the recovery. This is the part I relish in, their joy at seeing what they thought was lost forever, now back where it belongs.