Gold Wedding Band recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Aaron had been surfing the internet trying to find a solution to his problem when he found The Ring Finders.    Aaron had a heated discussion with his significant other when he threw his wedding ring into a park.   he called me asking if I could help him find it before a passer-by found it first.  We agreed to meet at his home and went over to the park. he gave me a rough idea where he was standing and in which direction it was thrown.

I set to work girding the area and slowly passing my coil over the ground listening for that telltale tone and numeric I.D. that is particular to yellow gold.  After 30 minutes of searching I got the sound I was looking for and upon parting the grass there was the beautiful sight of a gleaming yellow gold ring.  Aaron was thrilled to have it back and agreed never to throw it away again.

Sometimes things done in anger can get undone, just call The Ring Finders.